Carbon dating the torah

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Carbon dating the torah - lonely man dating

The scroll contains many features and markings that would be forbidden under those rules, he said.The 1889 cataloguer, a Jew named Leonello Modona, had described the letters in the scroll as "an Italian script, rather clumsy-looking, in which certain letters, as well as the usual crowns and strokes show uncommon and strange appendices," according to the University of Bologna release.

An Italian expert in Hebrew manuscripts says he has found the oldest known complete Torah scroll, a sheepskin document dating from 1155-1225.For the fuller account, see https:// PRESS RELEASE THE MOST ANCIENT EXISTING SCROLL OF THE HEBREW PENTATEUCH, DISCOVERED AT THE UNIVERSITY LIBRARY OF BOLOGNA The document, located and identified by a professor of the University of Bologna contains the entire text of the Torah, dates back to a period between the second half of the 12th century and the beginning of 13th (1155-1225) and is kept at the Biblioteca Universitaria di Bologna (BUB). The University Library of Bologna has kept from times immemorial, and without knowing, the world’s oldest scroll of the Hebrew Pentateuch.The document, labeled as “Roll 2”, is of soft sheep leather (36 meters long and 64 cm high), comprises the full text of the Torah (i.e.(AP Photo/Alma Mater Studiorum Universita' di Bologna)ROME (AP) — An Italian expert in Hebrew manuscripts said Wednesday he has discovered the oldest known complete Torah scroll, a sheepskin document dating from 1155-1225.It was right under his nose, in the University of Bologna library, where it had been mistakenly catalogued a century ago as dating from the 17th century."We don't have anything much from that period," Phann said.

There are far older scraps of Torah scrolls that can be dated back to the 8th century, but Phann said it was rare to find a complete manuscript.Perani, however, saw in the document an elegant script whose square letters were of Babylonian tradition, the statement said.Perani told The Associated Press it was "completely normal" for a cataloguer to make such a mistake in the late 1800s, given the "science of manuscripts was not yet born."Outside experts said the finding was important, even though older Hebrew bibles do exist."It is fairly big news," said James Aiken, a lecturer in Hebrew and Old Testament studies at Cambridge University.Unfortunately, to date, it is not known, how and when “Roll 2” has joined the acquisitions of the BUB, nor whether, as very likely, it was acquired after Napoleon’s suppression of monastic and religious orders.The interest aroused around its discovery, will, however, encourage further studies, as to the identification of its source.The antiquity of “Scroll 2” had not been recognized by Leonello Modona, a Jew, native of Cento, who worked for years as a librarian at BUB, and who was the first to catalog the BUB-Hebrew-manuscript-collections, in 1889.

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