Are taneth and evan still dating

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Easy to rationalize especially if he doesn't press the point.I sometimes can't believe ANYONE would encourage someone they love in the toxic idea that it's not just for his own benefit, but for the circle of people he loves.

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How come in between taking care of her chores Cassandra Holbin tweets her head off about Scott Moir and wishing she could go to Japan, but apparently (and I'm ready to be corrected) she doesn't weigh in with support when he and Tessa have to stop the program?An audience is entitled to critique a performance put on for its benefit. Performances also reveal things about the performer. In the case of the sham, it revealed an attitude towards the public and a sense of entitlement on the part of the performer (Sell a book, REALLY? "Believe" is an ironic slogan for a crowd of professional liars, hoaxers and scam artists. My opinion of the Ilderton crowd is they have a juvenile, chip on the shoulder sensibility that has some sharp edges and we all know that a juvenile sensibility is often also selfish.The blog started because I knew Scott and Tessa were married.How come Scott only shows up on a three degree of separation facebook album with his girlfriend but the girl doesn't show up with him anywhere else? Why don't they keep the Cassandra/Scott photos to "secret" facebooks if they're so gun shy?

And what happened to the whole cuddly, romantic, Dominican '09, Mexico '2010 and Xmas kissy style? Why does someone whose facebook is publicly visible have to have the photos? Why don't they give up their self-interest and say - live your life, that's much more important than how we can capitalize on yours and Tessa's success, or from associating ourselves with you, or promoting ourselves with you.

Not only is he shamming, he's participating in the most low rent, humiliating scheme of lies and petty tricks ever cooked up by a set of people with an unearned complacency triple their brainpower (not just that he has to deny Tessa like Peter denies Christ, but he has to treat fans like shit when clearly it made him extremely uncomfortable to do so) .

And yet such is the apparent power of Ilderton that when it comes to making a choice - treating well-meaning fans like shit it is.

There must not be all that much to do in London or Ilderton (I kind of believe it considering how at a loss for ideas Scott and Tessa were when they were out there "promoting London"), so the sham is VERY entertaining.

And Scott is just "Scotty" - he's always been moody.

There is no way this is okay, healthy, or doesn't cause a psychological wound.