Anne hathaway dating history

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This great distinction was usually parcelled out among companies, but for several years The Lord Chamberlain's Men alone held the privilige.

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Twins Hamnet and Judith were born on 2 February 1585.

Shakespeare's mother, Mary Arden, was a land-owning heiress with the fifty-acre estate of Asbies from her father, Robert Arden, upon his death in 1556.

Mary Arden married John Shakespeare shortly thereafter.

Very little factual information remains concerning Anne Hathaway, save that she is most likely the eldest daughter of Richard Hathaway, who lived in Shottery,a small village a mile or so to the west of Stratford.

She was 26 at the date of the wedding, while Shakespeare himself was 18.

Nicholas Rowe, who wrote the first biography of the dramatist in 1709, mentions that John Shakespeare placed William "for some time in a free school".

John would have been able to enjoy the absence of tuition for William as a benefit of his position in Stratford.The next major event in the life of William Shakespeare is his marriage to Anne Hathaway.They were married by the Bishop of Worcester on 28 November 1582, after only one calling of the banns, (it was traditonal that knowledge of any impediments to the marriage be called for three times).Theatres within the London boundaries were often closed to halt the spread of infection, or heavily fined if they remained open.The Lord Chamberlain's men had been forced into a year's idleness by this law, and the covert move to the site of the Globe effectively ended the threat of closing.Shakespeare may have joined a theatre company touring Stratford, or he may have simply set out for London because he was tired of country life.

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