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Within two weeks he received a reply which stated: Hydrazine sulfate has been tested in the Soviet Union at the Petrov Institute in Leningrad [St. This information was communicated to the NCI under the Joint U. Thus, at the time the NCI was writing to Congressman Hanley that the Soviet data were negative, the NCI already knew these data were positive.a phase II controlled clinical trial, set forth astonishing results in a class of patients termed factually terminal [stage 4], who had become unresponsive, or had failed to respond initially, to conventional therapy: 58 percent demonstrated anticachexia response (weight gain, performance status improvement, normalization of the laboratory indices, etc.), and 35 percent showed antitumor response (tumor regression or stabilization); one year later the initial series of 48 patients was enlarged to 95 patients, with essentially the same results.

My silence has been occasioned by the hope that our federal and prominent private-sector cancer agencies would endorse the use of hydrazine sulfate, in the wake of clinical trials demonstrating its effectiveness in the treatment of cancer. It is this condemnation of hydrazine sulfate I wish to addressthe scientific gobbledygook of so-called studies, side effects, carcinogenicity, toxicity, cautions, critiques and inferences woven together by our cancer agencies' most talented spin doctors into a web of outright misrepresentations, deception and scientific fraud.

The ACS stated: After careful study of the literature and other available information, the American Cancer Society does not have evidence that Hydrazine Sulfate is of any objective benefit in the treatment of cancer in human beings.

In its article, the ACS referenced only the uncontrolled MSKCC study, but failed to reference the phase II controlled Soviet trial or the (American) pharmaceutical-sponsored IND study.

Although hydrazine sulfate is carcinogenici.e., can cause cancerin some weanling mice given the drug in their drinking water since birth, presented a Brief Communication (and accompanying editorial) in its December 5, 2000 issue, of a single patient who allegedly died of fatal hepatorenal failure as a result of HS therapy.

The only trouble was that no firm evidence was presented in this paper that the patient in question hydrazine sulfate.

Your life or the life of a loved one or friend may depend on your reading, and understanding, the statement below. Clinical observations enabled us to state a definite therapeutic effect of hydrazine sulfate in patients with lymphogranulomatosis [Hodgkin's and non-Hodgkin's lymphomas] and malignant tumors of various localizations, when other measures of specific therapy failed.

References are used in support of the events, happenings and details of this expanded statement. Hydrazine sulfate (HS), an inexpensive, mass-produced chemical compound used for many industrial applications, was first proposed as an anticachexia agent based on its inhibition of the gluconeogenic enzyme, phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase (PEP CK). This was exactly opposite of what was communicated to Congressman Hanley.Use of an incompatible agent in a drug test, which acts to cause a negative study, can only be the result of incompetence or deliberateness.Secondly, Internet sources have implicated hydrazine sulfate to be toxic or carcinogenic.The authors further stated: His blood was not tested for the presence of hydrazine.But there are simple spectrofluorometric blood tests that will confirm even the smallest residues of hydrazine sulfate ingested even months earlier.(As an example of this fraud, NCI has posted an entry on the Internet, “date last modified: 6/18/04,” stating “hydrazine sulfate has shown no anticancer activity in ,” which as will be seen is patently untrue and does not reflect the ten years of randomized clinical trials performed by Harbor-UCLA Medical Center from 1981-1990 and the many published, peer-reviewed clinical studies based on that body of work.) The purpose of this statement is to guide you, step by step, through the scientific development of hydrazine sulfate as an anticancer agent, the clinical trialsand the high-level negative politics which came to surround this drug from the very beginning.

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