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The court heard how the first wife had requested bomohs to remove a spell which she believed was causing her husband to act strangely towards her.

Two members of the elite Malaysian Special Action Force (Unit Tindakan Khas) were arrested for her murder.Well known political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda was charged with abetting the murder.This set off what went on to become possibly the biggest, most sensational murder trial in Malaysian history.Ethel Proudlock was the young Eurasian wife of VI’s headmaster William Proudlock.One evening when her husband was having dinner with a colleague, Ethel shot dead engineer William Steward.Ethel followed and fired another four bullets into Steward’s doomed body.

Excerpts from the Daily News on July 1911 reproduced here, of the rickshaw boy Tan Ng Tee’s testimony in court when questioned by the public prosecutor: The young woman claimed she acted in self-defence, having to protect herself when Steward allegedly forced himself on to her.Here, we revisit six other cases that dominated headlines in Malaysia.Yes, the headlines describe the clues in the shocking murder of 22-year-old Noritta Samsudin, a part-time model and business executive more than 10 years ago.While sexual intercourse had taken place, investigators could not confirm if it was consensual or forced.DNA samples were taken and several were found on Noritta’s body, with some being unidentified.The young actress, a divorcee with two children, had married the prince earlier in the same year.