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How can Kayla be worthy of giving relationship advice when her own relationship is over and she never saw the breakup coming?Deciding to test her own advice, Kayla pulls up all her past blog entries on breakups and begins following her own instructions.

The author didn't spend pages and pages rehashing what happened in book 1, but filled me in with small and concise summaries of what I needed to know. The characters felt like real people, real teenagers.Overall, I found The Oracle Rebounds a quick and satisfying read.I liked Kayla, enjoyed reading about her struggles, and even gained some relationship insight for myself.Kayla does what any girl would do, hold her chin up high in public and cry her heart out in her room and with her friends.She also turns to the advice of "The Oracle of Dating" on how to navigate the murky waters of post-break-up; that is to say, Kayla searches her own blog on dating advice.The blog posts were well placed and flowed nicely with the story, but some of the email exchanges and instant message conversations were just sort of thrown into the narrative and that didn't work as well.

Kayla's friendships weren't very well developed and I don't really understand why she's friends with some of them, but it may seem this way to me because I didn't read the first book.

The clichés of chick-lit and romance were turned on their head by having a dating advice blog, which created a real-world feeling. (Contains a few swear words, a few discussions of sexting and other teen sexuality issues, teenage drinking) 203 pgs The Oracle Series The Oracle of Dating (Harlequin Teen) The Oracle Rebounds (Harlequin Teen) *ARC provided by Net Galley* When Kayla's boyfriend tells her he wants to take a break, Kayla is stunned and crushed.

Her heartbreak is compounded by her author status as the anonymous blogger the Oracle of Dating, an advice blog on dating and relationships.

That being said, this is a good book even without reading the first one.

It says alot for an author and a series when you can pick up the book up and enjoy regardless of what happened in earlier books.

It made me apprehensive to continue reading when I hadn't read the first book.

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