Adult roleplaying chat rooms

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Adult roleplaying chat rooms

Free Form Role-Playing, by definition, has very few "rules." If you are uncertain about what Free Form Gaming is, please refer to our document What is Free Form Role Play. These are volunteer hosts available to answer questions, provide guidance, and, as a last resort, enforce live chat guidelines.

IRC has a list of channels that'll you see when you connect so I won't cover those.

Being "in-character" does not excuse violations of the RDI guidelines.

Dragon's Mark Live Role-Play chat rooms are designated as "young teen and adult rooms" for players of age 14 and up.

Only you decide what your character will or will not do; no one else. Remember, only you control what happens to your character!

No one has the right to declare your character "dead" or insist you delete your screen name unless you have agreed with this outcome beforehand.

AUG 22: New chat now has separate font size customization. The following guidelines are in addition to the Dragon's Mark General Guidelines.

In brief, Free Form Role-Playing is based on the ideals of cooperative interaction. When you create a character and bring it into one the setting chat rooms, you have total control over that character within the setting and everything that happens to him or her. Please do not declare actions for other characters without the permission of that character's player.

Any player-to-player discussion should preferably be made via Instant Messaging (a built-in feature of Flash Chat), since no one else in the room wants to hear two players arguing OOC (out-of-character) over something that should remain IC (in-character) in the room.

Conflict and physical altercations (fights) can make for some great role-play, but always be aware of how it is effecting the overall flow and tone of the room you are in.

Please keep this in mind when choosing actions and storylines for the room.

While we are no longer bound by the Terms of Service of any parent service and has been slowly maturing past the original "PG-13" guidelines in many ways, there is one area that needs to be specifically addressed.

I am looking for basically the old roleplay chat rooms on Yahoo that they ruined.

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