2016 mr ittch the guru online dating ebook

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2016 mr ittch the guru online dating ebook

In terms of the coaching I got I would've been equal or better off posting on a random PUA forum.

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If you come in and have some severe issue he is going to manipulate you into listening to him.

(Knowing just a little bit about how actual studies are performed you can easily see that there's no reliability or validity to his method, meaning you can't use it for anything) He frames this as a good thing because it's higher compared to the other forums, and explains how he has come up with a way to repair what is wrong with the way the community is being run.

I would rather he flipped the script and realise that the way he is teaching isn't effective for over 80% of the people who buy into what he is saying, so maybe his ideas doesn't really work that well - They only work for a minority of people, who for some reason has the right predispositions and circumstances.

I'd like to see a few of these slacking new guys at least posting SOMETHING/ANYTHING and show me they are using the material in months 5-8 before I release it.

You new guys really do suck so far at applying the material and posting results.

The course will start from building a strong foundation for your game, slowly moving into more advanced topics.

The curriculum is designed to give you a push every month.

It's called the 30/30 Club because you commit to meeting 30 new women every 30 days. It's an attainable goal, and it helps you improve much more than reading alone.

Every month, you will receive seminars and books based on where your game is at.

There are not really any coaches present or any constructive advice or encouragement from anyone, so no one is posting anything.. There haven't been build an environment for people to learn or be open about their problems and experiences. You are advised and encouraged to go out solo without any support, because when you fail guess what they will tell you.."you failed because you didnt apply our techniques correctly.

Let me give you a call because you desperately need to talk to me because of higher bandwidth in communication.

I suggest you use the material soon and get your dick into a girl soon, before your dick stops working completely." Seems like a complete failure, which again is framed as the customer's own fault. Like another reviewer here wrote; If you are having problems applying the material or don't comply to how Brad P and his coaches think it should be done, there's not really any help. Yet very few ppl who enter the program actually gets laid in the program.

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